Movement Mini Lesson

Here’s our Mini Lesson assignment! It’s due Friday morning at 8am.

This week, you have the opportunity to create a short movement activity for your students. Use the ideas we have worked on in class to inspire this brief lesson. The written mini-lesson is due for everyone by 8:30am on Friday.

Things to include, in this order:

Grade Level: 2nd grade

Previously Learned: start/stop, locomotor words, non-locomotor words

Movement Concept(s): Concept of Body – Stopping Actions from Locomotor and Non-Locomotor Words

Teaching Sequence:

1) Have students follow me in a circle while walking

2) Students start/stop review with me as I change my locomotor words

3) Instead of stopping, I freeze. I perch. I hide. I slump.

4) …

Behavior Consideration: If I encounter a student who is unable to keep their hands to themselves…

Extension Idea: If students grasp the idea of stopping actions with time remaining, I will explore movement sentences by…

Movement Reflection – Day 8

Level Ones,

What a day! From an Israeli folk dance to creating your own folk dance (and teaching it!) to exploring the drum alone, with a partner, with a story, with poems, and encapsulating our time together with a powerful experience as a whole. I look forward to your thoughts…

With Love, Matthew

Movement Reflection – Day 7

Level Ones,

What a day! Each and every one of you gave it your all! After cleaning the space with our scarves, we learned a longways set dance, a double circle rhythm stick dance from Mexico, and explored egg shakers and improvisatory movement through lines. And we can’t forget about the movement ostinati in small groups – wow! What are your thoughts on today?!

With Love, Matthew

Movement Reflection – Day Six

Hello All,

What a day! I was sure sweating! From folk dancing to stopping words to movement ostinati, what stood out to you? What might translate well in your classroom? Please share your reflection either in an email to me or below. Thank you to all!

Musically Yours, Matthew

Movement Written Assignment

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a recap of our written assignment:

Reading Assignment: Elementaria by Gunild Keetman, pp. 107-112: Elementary Movement Training Introduction, Reaction Training, Gymnastics Exercises

Writing Assignment: A longer reflection (equivalent of at least one-page typed, single-spaced)

Please include thoughts on:

  1. The reading, your thoughts on the connectivity of music and movement and any impacts both the reading and our time together may have on your upcoming school year and teaching
  2. The reading, and how we have explored some of the ideas given regarding Reaction Training and Preparation/Relaxation Exercises
  3. An ‘a’ha’ moment you have had in movement class
  4. A struggle you have had in movement class
  5. Your hopes for the second week and a goal for yourself in movement class

Please email your assignment to by Monday at 10pm. Thank you!

Musically Yours, Matthew

Movement Reflection – Day 5

Hey Everyone!

Thinking about how we started our class with breath and the body to a partner change circle dance to exploring movement and relationships with and without props – what are your takeaways from today’s class? Have a wonderful week! Musically Yours, Matthew

Movement Reflection – Day 4

Hey All!

It was great getting to know you today and spend time moving together! I really enjoyed exploring imitation with pulse, creating shapes alone and with a partner, traveling through space with shapes, and learning some folk dances. What are your thoughts on what we explored today? What was fun and what was challenging? What are you excited to try out with your students? Share below and respond to your colleagues! Musically Yours, Matthew