Movement Written Assignment

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Here’s a recap of our written assignment:

Reading Assignment: Elementaria by Gunild Keetman, pp. 107-112: Elementary Movement Training Introduction, Reaction Training, Gymnastics Exercises

Writing Assignment: A longer reflection (equivalent of at least one-page typed, single-spaced)

Please include thoughts on:

  1. The reading, your thoughts on the connectivity of music and movement and any impacts both the reading and our time together may have on your upcoming school year and teaching
  2. The reading, and how we have explored some of the ideas given regarding Reaction Training and Preparation/Relaxation Exercises
  3. An ‘a’ha’ moment you have had in movement class
  4. A struggle you have had in movement class
  5. Your hopes for the second week and a goal for yourself in movement class

Please email your assignment to by Monday at 10pm. Thank you!

Musically Yours, Matthew


  1. rehmkecj

    1. Based on the reading and our time in class together, it shows that it is crucial that students experience movement along with music so they develop those building blocks. Movement that has emphasis on rhythmic elements will be beneficial when developing rhythmic accuracy and competence. I will be using more activities like walking to the beat and movement that involves rhythmic elements.

    2. We have done many of the exercises from the reading. We have just walked to the beat or in a circle just experimenting with different movements. We have also done the activity where we change movement poses or locomotor each time we heard the temple block. We have also done exploration without a metered section when moving around the room. These exercises serve as a guide to future rhythmic exercises.

    3. One of the many “aha” moments I have had in class is when we first started learning folk dances. Honestly I always stayed away from movement and dancing because I didn’t think my students would want to do it and I would have to fight them to get them to hold hands and participate. Now that I have actually learned a couple dances myself, I am so excited to take these back to my classroom. The big “aha” for me is that I CAN use movement in my room.

    4. One of my biggest struggles this week has been feeling insecure about movement and feeling scared to try and break out of my shell. This is not only a struggle for me, but I also realize now that this has a huge effect on how my students view movement. I want to work on this and change how I view movement for myself and for my students.

    5. My hope for the second week is to become more comfortable in movement overall. This is something that I feel I have struggled with, especially with issues to do with body image. This is the first place where I actually feel comfortable moving and giving 100%, and I think that shows improvement. I want to work on improving my levels and choosing locomotor and nonlocomotor movements that challenge me. My goal for the rest of this week is to challenge myself to explore movements that I haven’t already and to not be insecure.

  2. matthewstensrud


    Thank you for your thoughtful reflection! I am glad to hear you have a better selection of folk dances to explore now in your own classroom! Also, you are a beautiful mover and am so happy you feel safe dancing – continue to take those risks and embrace the possibilities. You have much to be proud of, Claire!


    With Love, Matthew

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