Movement Reflection – Day 10

Can you believe the two weeks has already come to a close?! So much wonderful music-making and dancing, my heart is full. Anything to share?

With Love, Matthew

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  1. curtiskr

    I had the opportunity to get acquainted with “Creative Dance for All Ages,” to help with the creation of my movement mini lesson. Reading parts of it, it added clarity to how I will do process-teaching of movement and dance this upcoming school year. I liked comparing the various Laban movement effort words as well as the class discussion we had on them. I had a working knowledge of them somewhat over a handful of years working with John Feierabend’s book “Movement Exploration.” The instruction we had on them, brought this into focus more as well as some possibilities of further exploration (e.g. the “What if”). I enjoyed reviewing all we did. It made be realize just how far we have come as a class. The culminating performance was awesome!!! It truly was artful, beatful, and tuneful music making. Looking forward to seeing everyone for Level II. 🙂

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