Movement Mini Lesson

Here’s our Mini Lesson assignment! It’s due Friday morning at 8am.

This week, you have the opportunity to create a short movement activity for your students. Use the ideas we have worked on in class to inspire this brief lesson. The written mini-lesson is due for everyone by 8:30am on Friday.

Things to include, in this order:

Grade Level: 2nd grade

Previously Learned: start/stop, locomotor words, non-locomotor words

Movement Concept(s): Concept of Body – Stopping Actions from Locomotor and Non-Locomotor Words

Teaching Sequence:

1) Have students follow me in a circle while walking

2) Students start/stop review with me as I change my locomotor words

3) Instead of stopping, I freeze. I perch. I hide. I slump.

4) …

Behavior Consideration: If I encounter a student who is unable to keep their hands to themselves…

Extension Idea: If students grasp the idea of stopping actions with time remaining, I will explore movement sentences by…

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